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Organize and keep track of all your children's clothing items with these fun, personalized clothing tag labels!! Just peel and stick to clothing tags, no ironing or sewing needed! They are safe to use in the washer and dryer, with normal settings.


Great for school, daycare, camp, and staying at friends' houses! No more worrying about the kids misplacing their items. Functional and stylish, choose from 68 adorable themes!

112 Clothing Tag Labels: 1" x 0.5"


In addition to the TAGS inside clothing, they can be used on solid surface items, like water bottles, food containers, school supplies, etc.

Clothing Labels | 112 Clothing Tag

  • 1. Select a THEME (shown in the photos) from the drop down box.

    2. Type the NAME to be printed in the Personalization Box.

    3. Add to cart & place your order.

    4. Once we receive you order, we will create your labels, print and ship in 2-3 business days.

  • 1. How are these labels applied?
    They are peel and stick adhesive labels, and should be applied to the TAGS inside clothing.

    2. Can they applied directly to the fabric?
    No, they are intended to be applied to the TAGS inside clothing. They work best on the silk feeling tags.

    3. Can they withstand the washer/dryer?
    Yes, when applied to the tag they should withstand multiple cycles in the washer and dryer. All machines, settings, and detergents are different so the number of washes may vary.

    4. Are they permanent?
    No, these labels can be removed at any time. If you would like permanent labels, I recommend the iron on.

    5. Can they be used for other items, like bottles, cups and school supplies?
    Yes, they are durable, waterproof and dishwasher safe and can be used on various items

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