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Application Instructions

Please refer to your receipt to find the label type purchased, and follow the directions below for that type.


Adhesive Labels: (Standard, Mini, Skinny, Daycare Pack or Round)

Carefully peel and stick the labels to a smooth, solid surface. Wait at least 24 hours before exposing the label to water to allow the adhesive to set.


Our labels can withstand normal household dishwasher settings (up to 194° F).  However, for longer use hand-wash. They are not recommended for fabric or silicone.


Clothing Tag Labels: Same as above, and can also be applied to the TAGS inside clothing, not directly to fabric.


Shoe Labels:  Carefully peel and stick to the inside soles of the shoe, then cover the design with 1 clear overlay.


Iron On Application Instructions

1. Begin with a clean dry garment.

2. Heat iron to 330°F (mid-low setting). My iron does not have temperature settings, so I set it between Silk and Rayon.

3. Iron application area to remove wrinkles.

4. Peel and remove a label from the sheet and place on the garment with the design facing up. Place enclosed parchment paper over label.

5. Iron label for 8-12 seconds and apply continuous pressure, don't move the iron around.

6. While still hot, peel back the corner of the top layer. If the label comes up with it, lay it back down and iron for a few more seconds.

7. Repeat step 6 until the label stays on the garment.

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